Usk Castle Chase Firewood

Usk Castle is surrounded by ancient woodland, lovingly and sustainably maintained and managed to provide rough sawn timber for carpentry and building projects and windfall timber for firewood.


It takes 40 years for a spruce tree to grow to maturity when it can be felled for timber, and new ones replanted. Growing trees are thought to be very efficient carbon sinks. Thinning out the woods, to allow trees room to grow, and windfall timber, provides well-seasoned firewood which is available for local delivery in tipper trailers, tonne bags or spud boxes.

Growing fir trees

We provide homegrown Christmas trees on sale from Usk Castle throughout December each year. Christmas trees are cut as part of a sustainable woodland management system. Rather than being planted in fields for the Christmas market, they are part of the woodland ecosystem and help to provide a diverse range of habitats. Each tree that is cut is replanted, and leaves space for others to grow.

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